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Why Sparkling Water With Organic Energy?

Hiball is the premium, natural, sparkling energy water that tastes great too. Hiball combines the refreshment of sparkling water with light and lasting energy from natural ingredients to make a tasty and thirst-quenching energy beverage.

Long before the carbonated craze swept the nation, Hiball was becoming the sparkling energy water of choice for young professionals, athletes, and creative, energetic people in San Francisco.

Lemon Lime Hiball Sparling Energy Water

What makes HiBall the best? The answer is in every can: Sparkling water infused with Organic Caffeine, Organic Ginseng, Organic Guarana, and B Vitamins (B-3, B-5, B-6, & B-12) and a hint of natural fruit flavor.

The sweetest part of all? Zero calories, zero sugar, 100% sparkling energy water means you can enjoy HiBall at any time of day. Whether for an early morning spin class, during a long afternoon at the office, or before a social evening with friends and family – reach for HiBall anytime you want to sparkle with energy.

Our Founder Story is Organic, Too

When Hiball founder, Todd Berardi, was working in investment banking in San Francisco in 2004, drinks like Red Bull were gaining popularity. Todd loved the boost of energy, but hated the artificial taste and the crash he’d feel afterwards.

Todd saw a real need for an energy beverage he could feel good about drinking. Using only the best ingredients, like organic caffeine and B vitamins, Todd came up with a formula for sparkling energy water without sacrificing taste. Todd brought in his friends Alyssa and Dan to help, and thus, HiBall Energy was born.

About Hiball's Founder Todd

A Formula for Success and Sustainability

Like our sparkling water, HiBall’s social mission is 100% transparent. HiBall uses fair trade materials whenever possible. This is empowering for the farmers who cultivate them, more sustainable for the planet, and better for you.

About Hiball Coffeefruit

HiBall is a Supplier Alliance partner with Whole Planet Foundation, the non-profit established by Whole Foods Market. Together, HiBall and other donors have contributed more than $10 million toward the foundation’s mission to alleviate poverty in the areas where Whole Foods sources products.

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